About Us

Thankz finds and manages skilled offshore remote workers. Providing cost effective teams that produce results for your business 24/7.

With 20+ years’ experience in remote work and remote team building, we understand what it takes to have a successful—and affordable—remote team. Our proven approach is a smart way for firms looking for access to a global workforce.

The use of a global workforce allows savvy entrepreneurs to save up to 65% by hiring remotely.

It’s our mission to create a service where anyone running a small to medium-size business can hire a individual remote worker or a team of remote workers with confidence.

Senior Team

Leo Gestetner

A serial entrepreneur for over 30 years.

Co-Founder & CEO of Zenvoy (Building A.I. Driven Private Networking Communities).

Co-Founder & CEO of Thankz (Experts in recruiting and managing remote workers & teams).

Founder Heath Capital (Private equity firm that takes active control positions in Technology ventures).

My passion is for The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), a non-profit organization providing entrepreneurship training and education programs to young people from low-income urban communities. I am Chairman of NFTE LA where we activate the entrepreneurial mindset in over 7,000 students per year.

I am also a triathlete and have 2 teenage kids.

Nick Brandt

I have spent the past 20+ years managing SaaS projects. I have been involved in most aspects of the online businesses in positions ranging from developer to managing websites to chief architect and CTO.

Remote work and managing remote teams are my passion, and I believe it will change the world, so I consider myself very lucky to be one of the pioneers in this way of getting things done!

My interests include travel, photography, art, mountain biking, running and cooking.