Thankz Hero

We are looking for an Accounts Payable Specialist with extensive experience with Oracle Netsuite. This role is 100% remote working with fully distributed teams. The ideal candidates will have previous experience working remotely or with distributed teams across the US or internationally.

Why you should work for us:

  • Competitive salary + Benefits for PH candidates only + Permanent remote work

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Review and record invoices from vendors to ensure accuracy in billing
  • Process expense reports from employees Identify discrepancies and escalate inappropriate manner
  • Have knowledge of approved vendors and policies to avoid paying unauthorized invoices and expenses

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree in Accounting or Finance
  • 5+ years in progressive accounts payable is a Must
  • Extensive experience with Oracle Netsuite
  • Strong understanding of General Ledger system
  • Strong organizational, analytical, and recording skills
  • Strong verbal and written communications skills, C2 English