Thankz Hero
The Amazon Paid Search Specialist will create, implement, and analyze the best online marketing strategies for paid search campaign execution. 
This is a 100% remote job, Mon-Fri US-hours PST.
You need to have:
  • Have at least two years of experience managing paid search campaigns in Amazon
  • Experience with Google Analytics
  • Experience with Google AdWords
  • Well-versed in Amazon Sponsored Ad Campaigns, Product Targeting ads, and Sponsored Brand ads
  • Excellent communication and documentation skills
  • Excellent English, C1/2 spoken and written
Some of your tasks:
  • Optimize Amazon paid search across multiple brands; manage growth forecast and campaigns
  • Hands-on management of campaigns across each brand daily to ensure campaigns are properly set up and routinely optimized (budget, bid, keywords) to drive efficiency and sales
  • Monitor performance metrics on AMS (i.e. ACOS, attributed sales, spend, TACOS, etc.) and identify areas for improvement or growth
  • Regularly maintain and monitor keyword bids, daily and monthly budget caps, negative keywords, campaign targeting, and other important account metrics
  • Monitor, evaluate, and present the performance of campaigns by generating weekly, and monthly performance reports to clients, analyzing trends, goals, opportunities, and other key performance indicators
We offer a full-time, PST-hours remote job, 40-hour workweek Mon-Fri, with excellent prospects for long-term growth for an ambitious Paid Search Specialist. We can offer HMO and other benefits to Philippine candidates.