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Managed Offshore Staffing Solutions

Thankz is more than just an offshore recruitment company. We offer a full-service triple-header of managed recruitment, HR, and payroll.

You tell us what you want and we source, place, and manage a full-time offshore member of staff in your company.

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Thankz at a Glance

Scale your workforce easily, without having to upscale your office setup.
Fast turn-around time, with an average of 14 days from the job description to hire – we have a funnel of talent ready to go!
We source hard-to-find talent, expanding your talent pool beyond your geographical area.
Hire offshore talent with confidence, we have over a decade of experience hiring and managing offshore talent.
You still have full control, you fully manage your offshore Thankz staff, we just handle the background tasks such as time tracking, performance monitoring, and payroll.

… and best of all…save 60% on your total staff costs!

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We can source for any role – from data entry, support, and VA services, to more advanced jobs such as accounting, e-commerce, Amazon seller and marketing management, development, and SEO and marketing.

We practice what we preach - Our team of international remote workers fully understands the challenges and dynamics of leading a remote workforce.

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Thankz Hero

Customer Testimonials

Ricci Rucavina, Co-FounderMacroverse

Thankz has taken us from Startup-to-Success by giving the company access to absolutely the most incredible pool of talent. We had some really awful experiences with online companies such as Upwork and after working with the Thankz team - we will never go back to using anyone else. We're eternally grateful.

Kathleen Tepley, FounderLos Angeles Consulting Group

Choosing Thankz has been the key piece to our current success. We are more productive, strategic and the change in our culture has satisfied our team.