Need a Team in a Hurry? Thankz Can Help!

In today’s high-speed business world, it’s essential that businesses have the ability to be quick and agile, adjusting to shifting market conditions and unexpected customer demands. Sometimes, it’s enough to just hire a freelancer or remote worker to get a job done.  You just need a team.

But what happens if you need something a little less tactical and more strategic? What if you have a large project that needs to get done in order to meet KPIs or rapidly growing demand? Finding a single person who’s a good match for your company is hard enough; what happens if you need to hire a whole team of people quickly? 

That’s where Thankz Team Management comes in!  

Team management is a new feature on Thankz that puts the power of a full-fledged team in your pocket, without the laborious, time-consuming steps needed to build it.  

Here’s how it works: 

  1. You tell us what your needs are.  
  2. We assemble a remote team of skilled, qualified staff that fits your needs. 
  3. We manage the remote team for you or help you integrate them with your existing infrastructure and employees.  

It doesn’t matter whether you need a full-fledged marketing strategy and campaign, a complex website, a mobile app, or whatever. No-fuss. Just great team members to get the job done. We even can negotiate the rates on your behalf, ensuring that you stay within your budget! You’re welcome to interview all candidates beforehand, so you can directly get to know the people who will be helping you grow your business. And, once hired, you can freely access and train each of the team members at any time, ensuring they’re a sound fit for your company culture.  

In terms of management, it doesn’t get any easier. If you choose to have Thankz managing the remote team, we can: 

  • Provide timesheet and task reporting 
  • Hold regular staff meetings (virtually, of course) 
  • Ensure that the staff is smoothly integrating into your team and business 

Best of all, the cost of Thankz Team Management can’t be beat. After an initial setup fee of $799, you only pay a $100/month per company regardless of the number of workers on your team as well as a 20-30 percent commission on the worker’s salaries. Add all that up, and we’re still less expensive than an average team manager.  

Want to learn more about what we can do? Head over to our Team Management page and complete the contact form. One of our Team Managers will contact you to get all the details on your project and/or needs.