Why Thankz?

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Why use Thankz to hire and manage global remote workers?

Lower operating costs: Growth is expensive – only hire your team as needed.
Sourcing and managing global talent is time-consuming. Instead, use Thankz to source and monitor your team so you can focus on growing and developing your business.
You know what you are looking for in a team member but don’t have the time or resources to find the right person – Thankz will find just who you are looking for, saving you time and energy.
We work with you to get your global staff onboarded and fully trained as quickly as possible. From the very first day, your team will be ready to roll.

How is Thankz different?

The staff are employed by Thankz, working full-time for you — so you have no payroll, legals, benefits, or costly overhead.

We oversee and time-track your global team, allowing you to manage their tasks, rather than their productivity.

We assign a dedicated Thankz Operations Manager committed to your ongoing success.

How do you benefit?

We source and pre-vet candidates for you to interview. Once you have selected a great candidate, we will onboard your new hire, handle all the paperwork, and function as your HR department in the background.
Turn-key hiring helps you grow at a moment’s notice. We offer a quick turn-around for the sign-up process of your new hire – with an average of 14 days for the process from sourcing to onboarding your new team member.
In addition to sourcing and onboarding candidates, we also track performance to ensure you get your money’s worth. We can also set up your new hire with the suite of tools and tech they need to succeed, including VPNs, AWS workstations, antivirus, and other software and services.
Hire smart and on-demand. Start small with one or more staff, and scale quickly to meet the demands of your growing business, without having to expand your physical workspace and equipment.
Having a remote team in different time zones means your business can operate 24/7, giving you an edge in the competitive business world.
Hiring remotely means having access to a greater talent pool, not limited to your geographical area.

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