Offshore Teams

Thankz Hero

Initial Setup

How does it work?


A Thankz Team Manager contacts you define your staffing needs.


Thankz provides you with the top candidates who meet your requirements.


You interview the shortlisted candidates and pick who you want to hire.

Ongoing Support:

The offshore workers hired are your team members for you to train and interact with daily - we’ll deal with the hassle of HR-related tasks.

Thankz Offshore Staffing provides:

Timesheet, task reporting and monitoring

Regular catch-up with staff, including monitoring and weekly reporting

We ensure that the staff and client relationship is running smoothly

Thankz manages HR, makes payments, and replaces team members as needed

Typical Roles Includes:

Accounting and Finance:

Accounting Managers
General Accountants
Accounts Payable Clerks
Accounts Receivable Clerks
Accounting Secretaries
Financial Analysts

General and Administrative:

Executive Assistants
Administrative Assistants
Customer Service Representatives
Data entry and Operations Assistants

Information technology:

Web and Mobile Developers
IT project Managers
Quality Assurance

Digital marketing and creatives:

Marketing and Communication Managers
Paid Search Experts
Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Paid Social Experts
Paid Social
Social Media Marketing
Programmatic Advertising Experts
Programmatic Media Buyers
Programmatic Media Sellers
Ad Ops
Ecommerce marketing and Brand Managers

Ecommerce and Retail:

Ecommerce Account Managers
Ecommerce Product List Creators
Buyer Agents
Inventory Analysts
Partnership Account Managers
Product Analysts
Product Compliance Analysts
Purchasing Order Management Partners

Let's Get Started

If you have questions about offshore staffing or our processes, we have answers. Book a consultation to discuss your needs and how we can help!