How to Scale Your Business Quickly

With easier access to technology, it’s also getting more and more competitive to scale your business quickly.

By definition, scaling a business means adding new customers. That’s a given, but it’s not the only thing businesses should consider doing in order to achieve scale. Businesses that scale quickly rely on creating efficiencies, both in terms of customer acquisition and internal operations. Here are three things any business that’s looking to expand rapidly should consider doing.  

Automate Repetitive Tasks 

Time is money, as they say, and what better way to save time and create efficiencies than to automate repetitive tasks. Think about all the time your staff probably wastes every day by doing manual labor when a machine or piece of software could probably do it faster and with fewer errors. For example, maybe your salespeople spending a lot of time manually entering orders. There has to be a better way they could be spending their time, such as going after new sales opportunities, right? 

In today’s world, most tasks that are highly repetitive can be done without human oversight and should be a candidate for automation. Things like data entry, stock maintenance, and even complex marketing activities can all be automated using technology.  

Refine Processes 

Businesses that scale quickly don’t only rely on adding new customers, but also work to create efficiencies. To accomplish this, it’s essential to closely examine your processes and work to streamline them as much as possible. This could include adding automation (see above) to cut down on human labor, but it could also mean cutting out unnecessary steps in a process. For example, you might find that a particular process requires a duplication of effort by two different people in two different departments. The workers might not even be aware each is doing the same thing. But why should two people do the same task when only one result is delivered?  

That doesn’t mean cutting corners, mind you. Depending on your industry, you might still need to follow specific processes in order to meet regulatory and legal requirements. The cost of lawsuits and damages are often not worth the value-added from becoming more efficient. 

Instantly Add a Remote Team 

For some firms, being able to scale is directly impacted by the number of people they have working. But adding the right staff much less a full team isn’t always easy. In fact, making poor hiring decisions will almost certainly lead to lower quality and/ or level of output.   

That’s one reason why we developed the Remote Team Management option at Thankz. This new service helps businesses achieve rapid growth by literally adding a full team of workers, as well as an experienced manager to boot. We work to integrate the remote team directly with your existing staff, ensuring a smooth experience that produces results.  

Want to learn more about Thankz Offshore Expertz? Head over to our Team Management page and complete the contact form. One of our Team Managers will contact you to get all the details on your project and/or needs. And the sooner we chat, the sooner we can get to work helping you scale your business.  

Let’s do this!