How to Use Thankz to Grow Your Staff Overseas

Struggling to hire in a tight market? It’s time to think beyond borders and start leveraging qualified offshore talent. Here’s how you can use Thankz to grow your staff overseas.

Find and Vet Candidates Across a Range of Disciplines 

Hiring the right person the first time can be a difficult and time consuming process. With Thankz, you no longer have to spend hours searching for qualified candidates. Our service does the hard work for you by finding and vetting potential job seekers so you don’t have to.  

The process starts with a thorough understanding of your company’s needs. We break down your requirements into measurable criteria so that we can accurately identify potential candidates best suited for the role. Our team thoroughly vets each applicant by verifying their qualifications and references and how they align with your position.  

Arrange and Facilitate Interviews 

Once you review our suggested candidates, you can choose which ones you’d like to interview. We can arrange this on your behalf so you can focus your time on other business priorities. We can provide guidance on interviewing (if this isn’t your forte) and help you make the most of the process. 

Handle Foreign Tax Forms and Other Documents 

All of our Thankz candidates are our employees, meaning we’ve handled all the tax forms and official documents for you. There’s no need to worry about payroll, benefits, legal situations, or costly overhead, saving you yet another step in the hiring process. We also oversee time tracking once your employee starts working to help you keep admin tasks at a minimum. 

Onboard Candidates and Set the Stage for Success 

Thankz takes the lead on onboarding your new hires, allowing them to feel confident on Day 1. We’ll work with you to establish an onboarding process and handle most of the heavy lifting according to your company and expectations.  

Our process has been streamlined by design. While many organizations spend 42 days on the average hiring process, our quicker turnaround spans an average of 14 days from sourcing to onboarding.  

Only Hire Candidates as Needed 

Hiring a traditional employee usually requires extensive overhead and added operating costs. With Thankz, we bear most of those costs on our end so you only have to focus on payroll.  

What’s more, you can hire candidates as needed instead of committing to long-term work. Hire candidates for specific projects or tasks, then change up your work strategy as business needs evolve. This is a great way to add temporary talent to beef up your resources and help you get ahead when it matters most. 

Get Your Free Staffing Plan from Thankz! 

Hiring is a necessary part of doing business, but it’s still a time cost that business owners must navigate. Skipping steps can lead to unsuccessful hires, leading you to start the process all over again. But with Thankz global hiring, we help take the chore out of hiring so you can focus on results. 


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