Open Roles

Thankz Hero

Frontend Developer


We are looking for an experienced Frontend Developers. This role is 100% remote working with fully distributed teams. The ideal candidates will have previous experience working remotely or with distributed teams across the US or internationally. 

Why you should work for us:

  • Competitive salary + Benefits for PH candidates only + Permanent remote work

Required Qualifications:

Must have:

  • Knowledge of best practices for building a clean codebase. e.g., file maintenance, component structure
  • Portfolio demonstrating your frontend skills
  • Motivation to learn and be at the forefront of current technology standards and practices
  • Strong knowledge of fundamentals of JavaScript without a framework
  • 2-5 years exp. with one or many of the top JavaScript frameworks or libraries. ie. React, Vue, Angular
  • Strong knowledge of CSS
  • Comfortable with the command line and git utilities
  • Worked with large projects from inception to completion
  • Familiarity with working with different CMS integrations and building out clean content structures


  • Experience with GraphQL and Apollo
  • Experience with Node
  • Experience with NextJS or NuxtJS
  • Familiar with SSR applications and their requirements
  • Experience with Styled Components
  • Experience with MongoDB or other databases
  • Experience with eCommerce platforms, e.g., Shopify Plus, Commerce Cloud, Hybris, etc.