First 4 Positions Every Entrepreneur Needs to Hire

Every successful entrepreneur will eventually reach a point where they can’t run their business by themselves. At some point, you’ll need to ask for help to take your business to the next level. Sometimes, it’s obvious who you need to hire to do this. But at other times, you might not know how to prioritize your hiring strategy based on your desired direction. 

Which positions should you fill first? The easy answer: the ones that will help you generate revenue.   

At Thankz, we connect startups with the highly skilled offshore talent to help you keep costs low and ramp up your business faster. Here’s how we can help you make your first X hires (and beyond): 

  1. Chief Technology Officer

Today’s startup is increasingly dependent on technology. Hiring someone who specializes in technology is a critical first hire for startups because they create the foundation for your business operations. They choose the tools and systems to run your business and ensure scalability as you grow. They also oversee the integration of technology. This plays a huge role in developing your competitive advantage, establishing an online presence, and recruiting top performers when it’s time. 

  1. Virtual Assistant

Entrepreneurs and founders have a never-ending to-do list, especially in the early days. The best way to get more time in your day is to hire a virtual assistant. You can delegate a range of tasks to a VA, including research, report creation, bookkeeping, calendar management, meeting arrangements, and so much more. This way, you can spend more of your time thinking and doing rather than handling admin or non-value-creating tasks.  

Read our guide on the four questions you need to ask when hiring a virtual assistant. 

  1. Graphic Designer

A big part of growing a new business is boosting your visibility. Entrepreneurs can achieve this with good branding from a graphic designer. Graphic designers that understand branding are your best bet, as they can design logos, choose colors, and build a consistent, cohesive image that supports your company’s purpose and mission. What’s more, they can also create other branded content that your marketing team will be able to use in your campaigns. 

  1. Customer Service Representative

By the time you sign your first client, you should have a well-trained customer service person on board who can help your client navigate your company. Having someone already in place allows for seamless service to the customer. You can start adding clients faster when you don’t have to stop selling and shift into hiring and training mode. 

Hire Smartly with Thankz 

Thankz connects you with skilled, vetted offshore workers who can help you scale quickly and smartly. From fractional CTOs and expert consultants to key day-to-day roles, we take the stress out of hiring so you can keep growing onward and upward. Reach out today for a consultation!