Why Do Small Businesses Need Offshore Staff?

Offshoring some of your business tasks isn’t just for large enterprises or global brands. Small businesses can also benefit from using offshore employees, often to take advantage of cost savings or scale their operations quickly and efficiently.  

Here’s a closer look at some of the reasons why small businesses should consider adding offshoring to their hiring strategies for 2022 and beyond: 

  1. Find Quality Talent Beyond Your Local Market

Technology has made local borders nearly obsolete when it comes to hiring. No longer are small businesses relegated to hiring within a certain radius. Much like larger companies, SMBs can benefit from searching for talent in unlikely places. 

This includes candidates that are outside of your own country and time zone. Using offshore talent doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. It simply means you’re utilizing highly skilled professionals that just so happen to live somewhere else in the world. 

  1. Maximize Your Payroll Budget

Cost savings are usually top of mind with any offshoring endeavor. And it’s true that small businesses can and do save money by offshoring some of their jobs. In fact, in a recent Thankz case study, one of our small business clients shared that they had saved as much as 50% on payroll costs for the roles they’ve outsourced through our service. 

Specialists in other countries often work for lower rates compared to someone of a similar skillset and level of expertise here in the United States. What’s more, additional employment costs like payroll taxes and benefits packages may also look different, which may help small businesses save even more.  

 The result is the ability to maximize your payroll budget, either by getting more workers for less money or simply by reducing your payroll budget off the top.  

  1. Reduce On-Site Overhead Costs

In addition to saving on payroll costs, small businesses should think bigger when it comes to maximizing resources with offshoring. Typically, when hiring on-site staff, small businesses have to pay for office space that’s large enough to accommodate their entire team. They also need to pay for things like furniture, technology, hardware, and other expenses — all of which can add up quickly and delay any ROI from your new hire.  

With offshoring, many of these additional work expenses become obsolete. Offshore employees are usually already set up to work from home. To get started, all they really need is access to your software and systems. 

  1. Build Up a Team Quickly with Offshore Services

Hiring offshore workers is sometimes thought to be out of reach for small businesses because SMB owners think it’s too complex of an undertaking. From figuring out taxes and currencies to connecting with talent in different time zones and languages, there are a lot of moving parts to hire someone that isn’t domestic.  

That’s why using a dedicated offshore hiring service is so valuable. Agencies like Thankz specialize in offshore hiring, from finding and screening applicants to handling all the legalities and paperwork. Small businesses can hire quality talent quickly and start working toward their biggest business goals faster. 

Learn how offshoring can benefit your small business — contact us today!