Is Offshoring Ethical?

Offshoring is defined as the process of sending jobs overseas. Because those jobs go overseas instead of to someone within the company’s own home country, many business owners (and consumers) wonder it’s even ethical to offshore in the first place. Our answer: it depends. 

Job security is and always will be a top concern among U.S. citizens. When unemployment is high due to a lack of jobs, it’s essential to consider Americans first when deciding who and how to hire.

However, the pandemic has drastically changed the narrative in the hiring landscape. More than 4.4 million people started businesses in 2020 alone, many of whom left their current employer to pursue business ownership.

In addition, the ongoing Great Resignation is revealing a serious worker and skills shortage in the U.S., forcing employers to get creative in how and who they hire to keep business going. 

So, given these current conditions of the business landscape, we would agree that offshoring is ethical. But the considerations don’t end there. 

Let’s look at some areas worth investigating before you decide to offshore jobs: 

Fair Wages 

Offshoring provides attractive cost savings for companies, which is one of the core reasons why companies offshore jobs in the first place. But there’s a difference between saving money on payroll and trying to exploit workers for bottom-barrel costs.  

Offshoring doesn’t make companies immune to paying fair wages. It simply means that they might not pay as much per hour for specialized talent. For example, the going rate for an SEO marketer in the United States is roughly $41-$50 per hour for a freelancer. However, by using offshore talent, that rate might be sliced in half. 

Offshoring isn’t about paying pennies on the dollar just to keep payroll costs low. Rather, it’s about using monetary resources strategically to get the best value in your workforce. 

Pleasant Work Conditions 

Another important consideration of using offshore vs. local employees is the physical place in which the employees work. Many companies are concerned about the quality of the outputs when using offshore talent: do they have the tools required to do a thorough job? What is their office setup like? Are they working 16+ hours per day to make ends meet? 

It’s true that a person’s working conditions can have a direct impact on the work they output. However, this isn’t something that companies have to worry about when using an offshore hiring agency like Thankz. Offshore workers that are specialists in their field have set themselves up for success with ergonomic workspaces and modern technologies. They usually have experience in working on remote teams, too, which has given them insight into what they need and expect from their working conditions for the long term. 

Conducting Ethical Offshore Hiring with Thankz 

In the midst of skills and worker shortages, using an offshore service can arguably be one of the most “ethical” things a company can do. It demonstrates a company’s value in the industry by doing everything it takes to continue serving its clients, even if it means growing its workforce by using non-traditional recruitment methods.  

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