The Best Practices for Hiring and Working with a Virtual Assistant Remotely

Are you spending too much time on tedious tasks like managing your calendar, researching, and responding to emails? Are these mundane tasks holding you back from focusing on more critical projects and activities that could lead to a higher return on investment for your business? It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the constant business demands. But there is help available: virtual assistants!  

Hiring a virtual assistant can help lighten your workload, increase your productivity, and improve efficiency within your organization. In this blog post, we’ll explore the best practices for identifying when to hire a virtual assistant, selecting an ideal candidate for the job, setting expectations & goals with them, and training & retaining them. If you’re ready to take your operations into overdrive with the support of a stellar VA—keep reading!  

Define Your Needs and Goals  

As you consider hiring a virtual assistant, it’s important to take the time to define your needs and goals. What specific tasks do you need help with? Do you need someone with a particular skill set or experience level? Understanding your needs will help you decide what kind of virtual assistant you should hire. Additionally, setting clear goals will help you measure the success of your partnership and ensure that you’re progressing toward achieving your desired outcomes. By defining your needs and goals, you can set yourself up for a successful collaboration with your new virtual assistant.  

Create a Job Description for Hiring 

When creating a job description, it’s essential to outline the job duties and tasks, making it clear what is expected of the successful applicant. Begin by detailing the role’s core responsibilities, including any duties or functions unique to the position. Consider the required skill set of your ideal candidate, highlighting any specific qualifications or experiences necessary to do the job. But don’t forget to include what you’re looking for in terms of soft skills, too, such as excellent communication or leadership abilities. Providing prospective applicants with a clear picture of what the position involves and what is expected of them will ensure you attract the right people for the job.  

Research Potential Candidates – Globally and Remote 

When selecting candidates for a job, it’s essential to research their experience and expertise thoroughly. Don’t rely solely on their resume or cover letter. Instead, take the time to delve deeper into their work history, ask for references, and look at their online presence. Consider their accomplishments, skills, and knowledge relevant to the position you’re looking to fill. You want to ensure that the person you select has the required qualifications, drive, and passion for the job. Remember, hiring the right candidate can make all the difference in the success of your team or organization.  

Establish Clear Expectations  

In any project, it’s important to establish clear expectations right from the beginning. Defining what needs to be accomplished, when it needs to be finished, and how team members will communicate with one another can go a long way in ensuring a successful outcome. By establishing these expectations ahead of time, everyone involved can have a clear understanding of what’s expected of them and when. This clarity can help prevent misunderstandings or missed deadlines that can cause delays or derail a project altogether. So, take the time to define deliverables, timelines, and communication methods early on – it’ll be worth the effort in the long run!  

Maintain Open Communication  

Maintaining open communication is crucial when working with a virtual assistant. Regular check-ins allow you to stay informed and ensure that projects are on track. By creating an open and transparent communication culture, you can achieve better results and build a stronger working relationship with your virtual assistant. Whether through weekly meetings, daily check-ins, or regular email correspondence, keeping lines of communication open will help you stay on top of your workload and avoid any miscommunication. Remember to ask for feedback and suggestions and proactively improve your working relationship. Effective communication lets you and your virtual assistant work together seamlessly to achieve your goals.  

Provide Feedback & Encouragement  

When it comes to giving feedback and encouragement, specificity is key. It’s not enough to simply say, “Good job.” Offering specific feedback about what the person did well and how it contributed to the overall goal will give them a clearer understanding of their strengths and how they can continue to build on them. Additionally, recognizing accomplishments helps build confidence and motivation to work towards the end goal. Remember, feedback and encouragement should always come from wanting to help someone improve and reach their full potential.  

Transitioning to hiring virtual assistants can be a great way to save money and increase efficiency. With the right processes and an experienced partner like Thankz, you can set yourself up for success when hiring remote employees. Thankz helps companies access top talent worldwide at a lower cost. Not only do we carefully vet and interview potential experts and ensure they have the qualifications best suited to your business, but we also take care of all the associated legal, payroll, and HR needs of hiring someone internationally. And once your virtual assistant is onboard, Thankz provides continuous support with performance and time management tools so that you can focus on your business.