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Senior Marketing Manager


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Seeking a Senior Marketing Manager focusing on B2B strategies, sales enablement, and international campaigns in the academic publishing and EdTech sector. Remote, part-time role with global team collaboration.

Job Description

We seek a highly skilled Senior Marketing Manager to lead our international marketing initiatives, focusing on B2B go-to-market strategies, campaign development, and sales enablement in the academic publishing and EdTech sectors. This role enhances our brand presence, generates demand, and supports our sales teams across international markets.

Key Responsibilities:

• Develop and manage B2B international marketing strategies and campaigns focusing on academic publishing/EdTech.
• Collaborate with sales teams to provide responsive sales enablement and marketing support.
• Manage relationships with international marketing initiatives.
• Plan and execute international events and conferences, ensuring alignment with overall marketing objectives.
• Conduct TAM SAM SOM analysis to inform strategy and campaign development.
• Oversee the creation and execution of brand awareness, demand generation, and nurture campaigns in-house or through dedicated B2B agencies.


• Proven experience in international marketing within the academic publishing or EdTech industry.
• Strong understanding of B2B marketing, campaign development, and sales enablement strategies.
• Excellent leadership and communication skills, with the ability to manage cross-functional teams and agency partnerships.
• Strategic thinker with a data-driven approach to marketing planning and execution.
• Ability to work remotely and manage projects across different time zones.


• Marketing experience in the academic publishing or EdTech industry.
• C2 English, written and spoken.
• Great communication and presentation.
• The ability to take initiative and follow through end-to-end.
• You need your own computer and a stable internet connection.
• The use of a time-tracker is required.

What we offer

We offer a part-time, remote flex-time job and a 20-hour workweek Monday through Friday with excellent prospects for long-term growth for an ambitious Senior Marketing Manager. The activity will be centered around Europe, but communication with the US and some Asian activity may be expected.